Inertial Confinement Fusion Ignition Sessions

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27-28th May 2015
Wolfson College
University of Oxford

Inertial confinement fusion (ICF) is a technique that uses powerful lasers to compress and heat matter to extremely high energy density conditions. Ignition occurs when the heated and compressed fuel reaches conditions so extreme that prolific fusion reactions take place — and the energy released in these reactions, summed, exceeds the laser energy used in the technique. ICF is challenging but possible, offering enormous potential for society as an energy source. A plausible path towards its realization benefits from measures of rigor and creativity. Facilitating these elements, Ignition Sessions focuses on novel ideas related to ICF, novel conceptualizations of existing ideas, and tutorials of promising approaches and techniques. The Workshop covers both mainline implosion approaches and intense laser driven approaches to ICF. The organizers intend that it support scientific collaboration between the UK and US in these fields, and further that it is a stimulating and invigorating meeting for all.

Invited Speakers

Prof Tony Bell, University of Oxford
Dr Orlando Ciricosta, University of Oxford
Dr Matthew Levy, University of Oxford
Prof Peter Norreys, University of Oxford, RAL
Dr Alex Robinson, RAL
Dr Max Tabak, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dr Raoul Trines, RAL
Prof Justin Wark, University of Oxford
Full program of speakers is now available.

Organizing Committee

Dr Matthew Levy, University of Oxford (Chair)
Prof Peter Norreys, University of Oxford, RAL
Dr Colin Danson, AWE
Dr Matt Suggit, University of Oxford

Registration is complementary; spaces limited.

This Workshop is made possible by the generous support of the Royal Society; Wolfson College, University of Oxford; the Oxford Centre for High Energy Density Science; AWE, plc; and the Central Laser Facility.